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"What Mom and Dad didn't know about money, and what school never taught you"

The Money Matrix™

You made a smart move diving into this training...

It’s a simple system that’s going to make a BIG difference in the way that you manage your money forever on.


The purpose of this is to make wealth accumulation inevitable while enabling you to live a life of freedom NOW - not at some far off point in the future.


So if you're ready to "take the red pill" and exit the paycheck to paycheck cycle for good, then don't wait another minute to get this set up...

This is critical because I would estimate that most people don't get what they want in life due to 1 of two things:

1) They don't know what they want

2) They delay making decisions that would get them what they want

Both are huge problems.

Both lead to a LOT of lost money (and freedom) over time.

But I'm super pumped to help you do this the right way!

Let's Dive In

Step 1) Watch the training above in its entirety

Step 2) Download SOFI Money (linked below)

Step 3) Fund your SOFI account ($500+ = $50 FREE)

Step 4) Open and MAKE A COPY of the Money Matrix™ Calculator

Step 5) Set up your initial %'s based on your current goals

Step 6) Decide a day (or days) of the month (I prefer every Friday) to run your Money Matrix™, and mark them in your calendar to create the new habit


Remember, you can change these categories and percentages in any way that you’d like. As long as you understand the WHY that I laid out above… You’re setting yourself up for success! If you have any questions, email me at

The Next Step

After implementing the Money Matrix™, a lot of people ask me how to put all this extra cash to work.


Should I use it to pay off debt?


Should I invest it in the stock market?


In fact, between those questions, those from our Facebook group, and the emails too...


It made sense to put together a full FAQ (click here)


I encourage you to check it^ out, as well as the emails that I'll send you over the next few days.


(make sure to mark them as "important")


And if you haven't yet joined the free Facebook™ group below, get inside!

Financial finessing (2).png

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